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In this month’s Families at Grace podcast Savannah, Josh, and Jason discuss the challenges and opportunities for students as they head back to school. The Families at Grace Podcast seeks to equip and encourage parents as they apply the gospel in their homes. Each episode is...

Grace Community church exists to build spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world. One of the ways that we pursue this mission is by gathering each Sunday for corporate worship, prayer, and biblical teaching. The corporate nature of this gathering is both edifying to...

In this episode, Josh and Jason discuss some of the emotions that students and parents are experiencing during this season and how to process them together. They also give some suggestions about opportunities to create positive experiences together. https://grace-audio.s3.amazonaws.com/Families+at+Grace+Podcast/Parenting+Podcast+Ep+7+(quarantine+2)+-+5%3A13%3A20%2C+10.20+AM.mp3...

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