Discipleship Studies

Adult discipleship studies are a great place to study the Bible, grow in your faith, and get connected with those at Grace. Our hope is that these studies will also equip you to help others grow as disciples of Jesus. Discipleship studies are offered throughout the week for all ages and stages of life.

Sunday Discipleship Studies – 9:00am

The Storyline of the Bible

Teachers: Matthew Ladisa & Jeffrey Kelley

Location: Chapel

This class will focus on the key themes and events in biblical history spanning from Genesis to Revelation. This study will examine key biblical events that reveal the nature of God and how the Lord has used these events to bend history toward the rule of Christ.

Life Stewardship

Teachers: Aaron Mitchell, Bill Kersey, Steve Gould, & Evan Gower

Location: Pine Room

This class will focus on stewarding key aspects of life, examining biblical truths about the Creator of all things, and our response in stewarding what has been given to us. The study will cover various topics such as time, talents and finances, spiritual gifts, the Word of God, and the Gospel.