Discipleship Studies

Adult discipleship studies are a great place to study the Bible, grow in your faith, and get connected with those at Grace. Our hope is that these studies will also equip you to help others grow as disciples of Jesus. Discipleship studies are offered throughout the week for all ages and stages of life.

Sunday Discipleship Studies – 9:00am

The God Who Is

Teachers: Michael Kelley, Justin Nicolet, and Malcolm Reddoch

Location: Chapel

Who is God and what is He like? There are no more important questions in the universe than these, because the answers to these questions form our understanding of everything else. In this study, we will focus on an attribute of God each week to try and gain a biblical understanding of His nature and character so that we might know Him more and follow Him more deeply.

The Gospel Goes to Work

Teachers: David Atchison, Rob Dixon, and Evan Gower

Location: Pine Room

Do you struggle to make a solid connection between your faith and your work? Many go through the same ritual every Monday morning, inadvertently severing any ties between their professional lives and their spiritual lives. This is a mistake.  As we tackle our work-life struggles and professional pressure points, we need the benefit of viewing our work and responsibilities from God’s vantage point revealed through Scripture. Join this class as we explore how the Word of God instructs and enlightens us in the daily grind of our work lives.

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The Practice of Godliness