Future Grace

“Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.” – Jim Elliot

These are the words Jim Elliot wrote in his journal while serving among the Huaorani people of Ecuador, communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ to them. This theological vision for living is more than inspiration for productivity. It is an aspiration to live life according to the truth that God is sovereign and that he orders our steps in each season and situation we are in.

The circumstances and experiences of our lives are not those of Jim Elliot. But the earnestness of conviction to be fully engaged for the glory of God in life can be ours. When it is, we will spiritually flourish and not flounder in our service to him and others.

Here at Grace Community Church, we are in a season of life together when the call to “be all here” is before us. Life at Grace has included the joys of ministry in a new building, many new members and a growing intergenerational demographic, and new financial realities along with ministry growth in all areas. The opportunity is for each of us to consider our season of life at Grace and to commit to being all here. We can contribute through prayer, relationships, stewardship, and ministry engagement.

One of the ways we can fully engage in this season of life at Grace is to contribute to the effort led by the elders to reduce the principal on our building loan by the refinance date in May 2025.


Grace Community Church has increasingly become an intergenerational congregation. It is a common sight to see children and young people interacting in formal teaching and informal conversation with older adults. What a joy to see both the youth ministry and the senior adult population increasing. The number of adults in the prime years of career and busy years of family life is also on the rise. There are many benefits to a congregation of all ages and seasons of life.

There are opportunities, too. To make the most of these opportunities, each of us must understand our place at Grace, and as Jim Elliot wrote, commit to “be all there.”

One generation among us at Grace is thinking about what it will leave behind. This requires vision to see how staying faithful in providing for ministry will benefit the generations to come.

Another generation is thinking about what’s next. Career or family transitions are underway and questions about future life and ministry are at the forefront. What an opportunity this generation has to re-vision how faithfulness to church life can enrich their lives and others.

A new generation is at Grace. Some are younger while others are simply new to Nashville and our church. They have heard the stories of how Grace started three decades ago. The service and sacrifices of the building generations has stirred them up to want to participate. Now is their time to invest in the same way for the health of Grace in the future.

Take a “generational assessment.” Ask the Lord to help you see how being a faithful church member at every season of life contributes to the blessing of healthy church life for all generations. Doing so will shape the way you pray and engage. It will create in you an attitude of joy knowing that your membership matters to others.

Whether you are new to Grace or a long-term member, you are in a season of opportunity. Each person, in whatever generation of life, belongs.

Let’s be all here.



The history of Grace Community Church locations is often repeated because many of us have been here through the various moves. We experienced setting up and taking down equipment for weekly ministry in rented buildings. Even with the purchase of land and three building projects, it’s a history worth re-telling because it shows the provision of the Lord and the faithfulness of members to give.

We started, like most churches, without a permanent location to call home. Our first twelve years included Sunday gatherings at four different sites. Each one was just what we needed at that time to do ministry. The locations included a university, an elementary school, a publishing house chapel, and evening-only services in another congregation’s building. Grace grew spiritually, numerically, and in our outreach in these years.

In 2004, after several years of a land and building search, we purchased the property we currently occupy. The first phase of building began immediately and one year later we moved into the Chapel with children’s space for weekly ministry. Within a few years, we needed more space. We moved into the Discipleship Building in 2009.

For over a decade this space served us well. With growth came the need to expand again. In 2019, construction on phase three, a new Worship Hall and Gathering Hall, began. We began Sunday services here in 2020. During that time, we also purchased the High Lea House which serves as the church offices.

Each phase of the Future Grace Giving Campaign helped raise funds for construction. We have also used loans for construction. We are grateful for these financial tools that have allowed us to do the ministry God has called us to on this property.


In May 2025 we will be required to refinance our current loan. We believe this is a good time to encourage our members to contribute specifically to Future Grace to reduce the principal on our outstanding loan.


Our scheduled refinance loan amount in May 2025 will be $8.2 million. Our goal is to reduce the amount to be refinanced which will increase funds for other ministries and contribute to the long-term financial health of the church. Your giving to Future Grace will help meet that goal.

The giving window will be March 2024 through April 2025. During these 14 months we ask the members of Grace to consider what you can give toward loan reduction. We ask that this giving be above your giving to the general offering of Grace.

We suggest you make a pledge. Deciding an amount to give at the beginning of the campaign will encourage you to follow through with what you intend to give. A pledge card is included to help you with this.

Like all giving to Grace Community Church, your giving to Future Grace will be confidential. Only the staff member who is responsible for recording the gifts will have that information.

Simply follow the giving instructions on the Future Grace giving page at gccnashville.org, give on the Church Center app, or mark your physical check with “Future Grace”.

All Future Grace giving will be applied to loan principal the month it is received.

We will give monthly updates to the congregation on Future Grace giving through April 2025.