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Grace Community church exists to build spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world. One of the ways that we pursue this mission is by gathering each Sunday for corporate worship, prayer, and biblical teaching. The corporate nature of this gathering is both edifying to...

In this episode, Josh and Jason discuss some of the emotions that students and parents are experiencing during this season and how to process them together. They also give some suggestions about opportunities to create positive experiences together. https://grace-audio.s3.amazonaws.com/Families+at+Grace+Podcast/Parenting+Podcast+Ep+7+(quarantine+2)+-+5%3A13%3A20%2C+10.20+AM.mp3...

In this episode, Josh and Jason discuss a few of the challenges and opportunities of parenting under quarantine. How do we use this time to effectively disciple our families? If you are looking for other resources, be sure to check out this Family Discipleship Resource...

When should I get my kid a smart phone? What should I know about social media? Savannah Seibold joins Josh and Jason as they continue discussion on the topic of parenting and technology. https://grace-audio.s3.amazonaws.com/Families+at+Grace+Podcast/Families+at+Grace+Season+1+Ep.+4+Tech+Part+2.mp3...

In this episode, Josh and Jason discuss the benefits and pitfalls of cell phone use and digital technology. They also discuss some biblical principles that we can apply to our family’s use of these devices. Stayed tuned for the next episode where they will answers...

Welcome to the Families at Grace Podcast, where we seek to equip and encourage parents as they apply the gospel in their homes. In this episode, Josh and Jason discuss what it means for parents to intentionally disciple their kids. https://grace-audio.s3.amazonaws.com/Families+at+Grace+Podcast/Families+at+Grace+Season+1+Ep.+1.mp3...

This week, Justin and Jason discuss who the vulnerable are in our communities, and how we can practically serve them. https://grace-audio.s3.amazonaws.com/WoGP/2019/2019WoGP1104.mp3...

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