Ministry Statement

Our Chief End

The chief end of Grace Community Church is to glorify God. Ephesians 3:21 tells us that God is to be glorified in the church and in Christ Jesus. Jesus Christ brought glory to God by accomplishing the work God called him to do (John 17:4). The church brings glory to God by abiding in Christ and bearing much fruit (John 15:8). This means that the church is to enjoy a relationship with Jesus Christ and live spiritually and vitally connected to Him. The evidence of this relationship to Jesus is called fruit. Bearing fruit brings glory to God.

Our Core Values

There arc certain biblical values that Grace seeks to honor. Living by these values is vital to becoming a spiritually healthy church. Below are the core values of our church.

  • Biblical Truth and the Gospel of God’s Grace in Jesus Christ
  • The Worship of God and Prayer
  • Faith and Discipleship
  • Evangelism, Missions, and Influence in the World
  • Fellowship, Community, and Unity in the Church
  • Service, Stewardship, and Member Participation in Ministry
  • Excellence and Simplicity in Organization
  • Leadership Development

Our Mission

To build spiritually healthy people for ministry in the world. Grace Community Church is a disciple-making community characterized by God-centered worship and biblical teaching, mutual encouragement toward spiritual growth, service in the church, and evangelism and missions in the world.

Our Message

The primary message of the church to the world is that a person lives rightly related to God by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. People have no greater need than to be made right with God. Once a person is made right with God, they need to continue to walk in fellowship with God, growing and deepening in relationship with him. These needs are met in the grace of God and are received by faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Ministries

There are four primary ministries that help us bring glory to God, carry out our mission, and communicate the message of the church.

  1. The Ministry of Gathering to worship God, pray, and proclaim his word. The weekly corporate gathering of the church is a priority at Grace. God’s word is preached and heeded. Songs of praise and thanksgiving are directed to God in worship. Prayers of praise, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession are made. The corporate nature of this gathering is both edifying to the believer and a witness of God’s grace to the world.
  2. The Ministry of Growing in Christ and in discipleship with one another. The church pursues discipleship in the context of relationships with one another. We encourage believers to grow in their faith through involvement in a small group. We care for one another through prayer, conversation and meeting needs.
  3. The Ministry of Giving to the church through service. As members of the church, we practice stewardship of our time, spiritual gifts, and financial resources. We use these in service to one another and to enhance the ministries and mission of the church.
  4. The Ministry of Going into the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The church is a living witness to the world of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. The church witnesses through its presence in the city, its practice of good deeds to others, its proclamation of the way of salvation, and its partnership in local and global missions.

These four ministries are the functions of a healthy church. They point the church up to God in worship and in listening to his word, to one another in discipleship, fellowship, and service, and out to the world in evangelism and missions. At Grace, we direct our energy and resources toward the fulfillment of these ministries.

Our Membership Commitments

The members of Grace Community Church participate in the ministries of the church and help fulfill the mission of the church by making the following commitments.

  1. To gather with the church regularly to worship God, pray, and proclaim his word.
  2. To grow in Christ through personal prayer and time in God’s word, and involvement in a small group with other believers for discipleship.
  3. To give to the growth and health of the church by using time, spiritual gifts, and finances for service, and by praying for the work and unity of the church.
  4. To go with the church into the world with the gospel by praying for, supporting, and participating in its evangelism, missions, and mercy ministries.

The Grace Commitment to Church Members

The commitment of Grace to its members can be summarized as follows: to speak the truth of Scripture in love, to call for and work to provide opportunities for members to grow in grace and to carry out the functions of healthy church life, to carry out the business of the church with openness and integrity, and to seek to lovingly restore church members who turn from the Lord and neglect their faith. No church member, church leadership, or corporate church life will reach perfection in the commitments they are called to fulfill. The body of Christ is a gracious community, which extends love, forgiveness, and help to all who fail in their callings. In all things the glory of God and the good of his people are to be pursued in the life of the church.

If God calls you to another church…
If for some reason you believe that you need to move your membership to another church, we ask that you let the leadership of Grace know so we can pray for you and help you in the transition. We encourage you to quickly find another congregation and covenant with them in their ministry and mission.

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