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Through God’s discipline of Israel we see his holiness. In his judgment of Assyria we see his sovereignty. As he calls a remnant to himself we see that the mighty God is gracious. The holiness, sovereignty, and grace of God come together in Jesus Christ...

Isaiah 6 records the vision that Isaiah saw of the Lord sitting on a throne high and lifted up. The Lord is revealed as King. But the chapter opens with news of the death of another king, Uzziah. The contrast between these two kings makes...

The message of these chapters in Isaiah is that after judgment comes glory. Judgment, with its purifying effect on God’s people through repentance and faith, leads to glory. As our sins are exposed by the Lord, we are called back to him and into the...

The opening words of the Lord in Isaiah are to his children. The Lord exposes their sin and displays his grace. His children have turned from him, he calls them back. If they return, he promises cleansing, restoration, and renewal. The book of Isaiah is...

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