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In this passage we see Jesus praying. We hear his heart of love for the Father and for us. His prayer reveals his determination to glorify God and give us eternal life. What do we gain from the vision of our Savior in prayer? Faith,...

Jesus called, even commanded, his church to participate in the work of God in the world by asking in prayer. Jesus promised that what the church asks it will receive. Today, as we hear the words of Jesus, may we be granted vision, faith, and...

To the troubled disciples, Jesus speaks of more trouble to come. The followers of Jesus will have tribulation in the world. Today, we hear Jesus calling us to face the reality of hardship in the world with the confidence of victory in him. Take heart,...

In the allegory of the vine and branches, Jesus prepares his disciples for his departure by bringing together the nature of their relationship with him, their mission in the world, and the ultimate priority for which they were called. Disciples of Jesus abide in him...

Also includes John 14:25-31, 15:26-27, & 16:5-15. To the troubled and confused disciples who are contemplating his departure, Jesus gives another promise related to their future as his followers. He promised that the Father would send another Helper to be with them forever. This promise was...

When Jesus was with his disciples on earth he kept them together. He corralled, corrected, and connected this group of strong-willed men when they didn’t get along. When Jesus left them, he gave them a new commandment to love one another as he loved them....

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