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In the beginning, God made all things good. In Christ, he is making all things new. Text: Revelation 21:1-22:6

Following the lamb begins with a glimpse of Jesus, and continues through intentional choices driven by faith. Text: John 1:29-39

Revelation 20 gives us the picture of Jesus Christ reigning over all, now and in the future to come. This picture includes the faithful followers of Christ reigning with him. As we follow the Lamb, we find comfort and courage to face the adversities of...

In this scene of worship before the throne of God, the great "Hallelujah's" are for the Lord who has once for all judged evil and justified his people. The message to God's people is to be confident in his righteousness, assured of our salvation, and...

This passage gives us the picture of Jesus Christ overcoming Satan and sustaining God's people in the ongoing spiritual battle of this life. The message is that Christ wins and we fight. The call is for endurance, keeping the commandments of God and our faith...

Through warnings, the word, and the witness of the church, Jesus is calling the world to repentance and faith in him. In this heavenly scene, the final judgement is complete, and Christ is reigning forever and ever. Repent and reign with him. Text: Revelation 8-11

The picture of Jesus Christ we get from Revelation 6-7 is that he remains in control throughout all of history and he keeps his people for the throne room of heaven. We are called to trust in the Lamb to cleanse our hearts and follow...

Jesus Christ is the one who is worthy of worship and able to give us hope for the future. Text: Revelation 4-5

The picture of Jesus given in Revelation 1-3 is of the One in the midst of his church. He lives among his people with authority, speaking his message and directing the life and mission of the church in the world. With spiritual ears, we are...

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