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Toward the end of his life and ministry, Jesus taught about the end of history as we know it, which will be the time of his return. Jesus said that in light of the final end, we are always to be praying that we may...

It may seem idealistic to pray for the whole world. But, praying for the world is what Jesus told his church to do. God called the church from the world, and from the church he continues to call the world. When we pray for the...

The two-volume work we know as Luke/Acts shows us a progression in prayer that takes us from the birth and life of Jesus, through the ministry of Jesus to the apostles, to the ongoing life and ministry of the church on earth. Jesus prayed, taught...

“Your kingdom come” is the prayer Jesus told us to pray. This prayer is for the future, when the kingdom of God will come in fullness. It is for the present, that the rule of God will increase in the hearts of people, the church...

God has given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Now, the Holy Spirit works his ministries among us in an ongoing and overflowing manner. Let us come to our good and giving Father as children in need, through Jesus the Son who is our Savior,...

The theology on which our praying is built is that our access to God the Father is through Jesus the Son who opened the way for us.  Jesus teaches his disciples to pray to the Father because he forgives sins and brings repentant sinners into...

Jesus spoke of God and prayed to him as his Father.  When Jesus taught his disciples about God and how to pray to him, he told them to call God their Father.  The theology on which our praying is built is the Fatherhood of God,...

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