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Justin, Jason & Jeff discuss Sunday's sermon on reconciliation and how Jesus reconciling us to himself helps us in our relationships with believers and unbelievers.

Justin, Jeff & Scott talk about what it means to have comfort in our physical bodies from 2 Corinthians 4. Scott tackles questions like, "How does remembering that God came to Earth in a physical body affect how we view the importance of our bodies?"

Scott, Jeff & Justin discuss repentance by asking the questions, "Why are we afraid of this word?" "What is the difference between godly sorrow and worldly sorrow?" and "What are some ways we shouldn't be thinking about repentance?"

"When we're going through really tough circumstances, how do we typically think about ourselves and God?" "How do we engage with God and his comfort in the midst of our trials?" "What are some ways we can bring comfort to others when they're suffering?" Scott...

Jeff asks Scott the questions, "Why is the church afraid of the word 'work'?" and "How do you respond when you hear someone in today's culture talking about how the church is not doing enough?"

As we near the end of our study on 1 Corinthians, Scott and Jeff discuss the resurrection of all believers and the power we can experience as we live in our present lives in light of this future truth.

Scott and Jeff talk about the resurrection of Jesus and the now-and-not-yet Kingdom of God, discussing questions like, "What do I do with my desires and ambitions for what I hope to achieve in this life?"

Justin Tucker joins Jeff to answer one question: "How can someone get connected at Grace?"

Scott and Jeff discuss the importance of words and how 1 Corinthians 14 encourages us to speak helpfully to one another.

Scott and Jeff talk about the way that spiritual gifts are to be used in the church and answer questions like, "What hinders people from serving in the church?"

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