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The promise of the new heaven and new earth is not a new plan of God. It is the fulfillment and finality of God's eternal plan for his kingdom. In light of this promise, we live now as God's kingdom people by faith, hope, and...

Often we view the birth of Christ as the end of our waiting on the promises of God. But the first coming of Christ is our assurance that he will come again. The promise of Christ's return and the new heaven and new earth awaits...

When we come to Christ we become his church. Christ is the Living Cornerstone of his church. In Christ we are living stones being built up as the church for ministry in world. Our ministry as a congregation is to witness to the greatness, grace,...

Jesus Christ is the promised Son whose death for our sins and resurrection for our life brings us into this saving relationship with God. Now, the mission of the church is to spread this good news as we live together under Christ s Lordship. Text:...

In the fullness of time God sent his eternal Son into the world as the son of Joseph and Mary. He was given the name Jesus. Matthew identifies Jesus as the son of David, of Abraham, and of a virgin. The rich identity of Jesus...

All of God's saving work, from beginning to end, can be summed up in the phrase, "By grace through faith." This theme runs throughout the Bible, is the basis of our salvation, and is the principle by which we live for God's glory. Text: Romans...

The presence and prophecy of John shows us that God is faithful to his word, that he acts at the right time, that he prepares for the arrival of his Son, and that he calls people to enter into his saving work. Text: Mark 1:1-8

God's word through the prophet Isaiah is of judgement for the purpose of repentance, salvation through the Lord's Servant, and renewal as the future hope. Once again God's plan put before us in history is pointing to its fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Our hope is...

The true king over the kingdom of God is Jesus Christ. As kingdom people we receive King Jesus, live under his rule, bear witness to him, and pray. This is our kingdom life until he comes again. Text: 2 Samuel 7

Our failures create a longing for something more, and leads us to hope in God's merciful plan. Text: Judges 2:11-23

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