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God came near to save a people who belong to him. Jesus is the Savior. The church is his people. Text: Matthew 1:18-25

God came near to us in Christ as a servant, cleansing us from our sins by the power of the cross. Faith is humbly submitting to his cleansing. As the cleansed, we are a community of servants to each other. Text: John 13:1-17

Scott and Justin sit down to discuss the implications of Jesus coming to earth as a man, showing how his coming gives us help in temptation and freedom from death.

The Son of God took on humanity and became a man. Jesus Christ is the God-man who came to us, died for us, and delivers us from the danger of sin and the enslavement to fear. Text: Hebrews 2:14-18

Justin and Scott discuss the importance of understanding how all things are done by grace through faith and how Jesus is the greatest hope in a dark world.

God has given glorious light to dispel the darkness of the soul. Jesus is the light. Let us walk in him. Text: John 8:12

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