Words of Grace – Our Summer Prayers

Words of Grace – Our Summer Prayers

Summertime is often a time to disengage from the normal routines of life, work, and school. This summer, let’s re-engage in prayer together.

Here are a few ways we can draw near to God in worship, fellowship, and the practice of asking him for our needs.

1. Set aside some time to pray and to read about praying. Do you have some extra time in the mornings or evenings now that you are on the summer schedule? Thirty minutes or an hour a day can prove to be life-changing when it is spent quiet before the Lord. Read some of the great prayer promises and passages in the Bible (Matthew 6, Luke 18, John 17, Romans 8, Ephesians 3). Turn every passage you read from the Bible into a prayer.

Read a book on prayer. Two recent books that have helped me are, Prayer, by John Onwuchekwa, and Beginning a Praying Life, by Paul Miller.

2. The June sermon series on Sundays will be, Praying with Jesus, from John 17. Others from Grace will be preaching, and I plan to be there with my Bible, prayerfully taking notes with the expectation that the Lord will speak to me through his word. Join me.

3. Attend the summer study, The Praying Church. Each week (Wednesdays, June 26-July 17) we will consider a prayer passage and promise, and then spend time praying together.

The ability to pray is at the heart of our relationship with God. Jesus saved us so we can pray. As we live in a constant state of prayer and each time we articulate a specific prayer to God, we are living out our salvation by grace through faith.

This summer at Grace Community Church, let’s live together as saved ones by praying together to our Savior.