Unfolding Grace

“The single most popular book in the world―the Bible―came to us over many centuries from many authors and in many different literary styles. Yet every part fits together into a coherent whole. Its pages tell a unified story of grace―a story that climaxes in the triune God of love redeeming sinners and sufferers through his Son, Jesus.” -Drew Hunter

After a (hopefully!) restful summer, join together beginning in September for a 40 week journey from Creation to Restoration.

Using Drew Hunter’s resource, Unfolding Grace, we will discover the overarching storyline of the Bible. Each passage is coupled with a short, easy-to-understand commentary. Purchase this book at the Welcome Center to complete this study as an individual, small group, or as a family! If you have children in 5th Grade and under, there are additional versions of this resource to serve you!


Please note that the Unfolding Grace and Unfolding Grace for Kids will be available for purchase ($10 each) at the Welcome Center beginning August 7. The other resources are available for purchase at the links below.

Reading Schedules

Below you’ll find schedules for those using multiple resources and those who are only using the main title, Unfolding Grace.