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Up to this point in Isaiah, the prophetic call to the people of Judah and Jerusalem has been to trust completely and only in the Lord. Now we come to an on-the-ground, real-life example of what that trust looks like. Hezekiah and the people come...

These two chapters of Isaiah are poetic prophesies of contrasting destinations. One final reality is judgement and the wrath of God. The other is life in the presence of the holy God who dwells with his redeemed in a place of glory and good. The...

This section of Isaiah returns to the exposure of the sins of God’s people. Five “woes” reveal the grievance that the Lord has against them. But woven throughout are promises of his grace and the call to repent and to trust him. This is reality....

Those who experience the grace of God in Christ sing the song of salvation. It’s a song of thanksgiving, trust, and assurance. This song makes known God’s name and deeds in all the earth. The song of salvation is sung by all the redeemed of...

On earth kings and kingdoms fail, and people are unfaithful. Into this darkness comes the hopeful message of a Messiah who will someday rule in a new way and in a new world. See him in this chapter of Isaiah. Let your heart trust him...

Through God’s discipline of Israel we see his holiness. In his judgment of Assyria we see his sovereignty. As he calls a remnant to himself we see that the mighty God is gracious. The holiness, sovereignty, and grace of God come together in Jesus Christ...

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