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The ultimate expression of a blessed life is to know God and to be known by God. Text: Psalm 1

Scott and Jeff are joined by Dr. Bill Maynard to discuss his sermon from Psalm 103 this past Sunday. They talk through questions like, "What about our thoughts or behavior clues us in to the fact that we are living as if God is too...

Josh Hussung joins Jeff for a discussion from the third section of Psalm 103, the passage that Josh preached from on Sunday. They tackle questions like, "We're probably going to be fearful and obsessive about temporal things like money, legacy and security, so how do...

Jeff welcomes Jason Miller and Josh Hussung to the podcast. After discussing Jason's sermon from Psalm 103 on the character of God, they share their experiences from CentriKid and MFuge camps last week.

Justin Tucker's sermon on Psalm 103:1-5 helped us see how important it is for us to remember the goodness of God. Scott and Jeff get very practical about how to remember what God has done for us on a personal level and what he has...

Psalm 103:1 - Psalm 103:5

Psalm 42:1 - Psalm 42:5

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