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Job's journey along the path of suffering led to the unexpected experience of seeing God. Seeing God in the cross of Christ assures us that he is working all things according to his purpose and for our good, even in our suffering. Text: Job 42:1-6

The book of Job introduces us to the themes of redemption. These themes find their fulfillment in the pages of the New Testament and the person of Jesus Christ. Job believed so much about God's grace with so little revelation of his plan. May we...

We need wisdom when we suffer, but it is no different than the wisdom we are called to in all seasons of life. True wisdom is the fear of the Lord. True understanding is to turn from evil and seek the Lord. In season and...

In Job's season of suffering the sad reality is that his three friends missed his pain to prove their point. From the speeches between Job and his friends we can learn much about how to be, and not to be, a friend. Text: Job 4-5

Job expressed his desire to die by cursing the day he was born. Job was done, but God was not. Job lived another day to see the Lord and to worship him. Text: Job 2:11-3:26

When one person suffers, others close by suffer, too. From this brief conversation between Job and his wife we can learn much about suffering together.

Job came to see the sovereignty of God as powerful, purposeful, and personal. He saw that God was on his side. This was his comfort in suffering.

The book of Job opens with an accusation that Job worships God only because his life is blessed. This accusation is confronted by God and turned into the validation of Job's faith and the worth of God. God is worthy of worship at...

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