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Our service for Jesus must never become the main thing. Jesus himself is the point. He is the bread of life that came down from heaven. He has the words of life. The excellent way is to order our lives and our service so that...

The Christian congregation is where people serve one another in the name of Christ. Together, each of us uses our abilities and resources to build up the congregation to love and follow Christ. At Grace Community Church, we value the contribution each one makes to...

The Christian congregation is where people respond to the call of Christ together. Together, they deny themselves, take up their cross, and follow him. Together, they become a recognizable community unified around truth, worship and prayer, mutual care and discipleship, and mission. At Grace Community...

Faith is for following Jesus, and we follow Jesus to all the nations. Jesus commissioned his church to be his voice, calling others to follow him. In this way, his grace extends to more and more people, increasing thanksgiving to the glory of God. Grace...

Jesus Christ came with authority calling people to follow him as disciples. After they stepped into discipleship with Christ by faith they were called Christians. The fundamental call of Christ to us is to be his disciples. A foundational value of Grace Community Church is...

The rightly ordered world is where the Creator and Redeemer is worshipped by the created and redeemed. This is what the world to come will be. Until then, God’s people on earth rightly order themselves in humility and gratitude before him. We worship the Lord...

This is the first message in a series on the Foundations of Grace Community Church. Jesus is the final and complete Word of God, and the Bible bears witness to him. Therefore, we pay close attention to what we have heard. We value the Bible and...

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