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Justin and Scott look at the ending of Acts, and discuss key themes we have been challenged by as a church while walking through this book of the Bible.

When God is pleased to reveal His Son to us, we become compelled to serve. We join the church throughout history in the mission to advance the glory and honor of Christ's name for the salvation of people. Text: Acts 28

Looking back at Acts 27, Scott and Justin explore how the promise of the kingdom of God encourages our souls, and strengthens our discipleship.

When God reveals his Son to us we become convinced of his resurrection and captivated by his return. By faith we press on in this life with the assurance that we, too, will be raised to enter the kingdom of God. Text: Acts 27:1-28:6

What is our purpose as Christians? How do we apply this purpose to our lives? Looking at Acts 26, Justin and Scott discuss how the apostle Paul gives us clarity on this particular issue.

When God is pleased to reveal his Son to us, we become captured by Christ for a new purpose. Text: Acts 26

Are Christians appointed to the same calling? Justin and Scott discuss how the calling and appointment of God grounds us in our ongoing walk with him.

When God reveals his Son to us he calls us to himself and appoints us to a life that brings glory to his name. An encounter with Christ captures our hearts to heed his call. With a clear sense of calling we are...

When God reveals his Son to us we are changed. An encounter with Jesus Christ converts our loyalties and moves us to say, "The will of the Lord be done." Text: Acts 21:1-17

The Holy Spirit empowers the church to endure. In Acts 20, Paul meets with the Ephesians elders for what he thinks will be his last time to instruct them on how they can endure for the sake of the gospel. Text: Acts 20:17-38

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