Easter Week Prayers – Words of Grace Blog – March 22, 2024

Easter Week Prayers – Words of Grace Blog – March 22, 2024

As we approach Easter Week, let’s set our hearts on Christ and give ourselves to prayer.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday, remembering the time Jesus entered Jerusalem to the crowd singing, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the Highest” (Matthew 21:1-11).

What started as a week of jubilant singing ended in mourning as the very one celebrated was crucified. The one who entered to a triumphal procession became the suffering servant who bore the sins of many. This is why we remember Christ’s death by taking the bread and cup on Good Friday.

The next week began with the resurrection of Jesus who then saw and enjoyed the reward of his victory over sin and death, which is the redeemed people for whom he interceded before God (Isaiah 53). We are looking forward to Easter Sunday!

Our preaching series through Isaiah brings us to chapter 53 and the Suffering Servant during Easter Week. What a great chapter to lead us to Christ who died and rose again to save us from sin and for God.

To get the most out of Isaiah 53, I plan to send a passage and prayer to everyone who would like to join me in praying through this chapter during Easter Week.

Here are three ways you can pray from Isaiah 53.

Read Isaiah 53 with the goal of formulating a prayer for the day. Let this prayer include a meditation on the character and work of Jesus Christ, who is the Suffering Servant. Give thanks to God, confess your sin, and make a request of the Lord. Make this request for yourself, others, and our congregation.

Pray for the Lord to convert many people to Christ this week through the message of Isaiah 53. Good Friday and Easter are times when the cross and resurrection of Christ are proclaimed to people who may not hear of him at other times in the year. Let praying for others motivate you to share the gospel with them or invite them to church.

Watch for the “Easter Week Prayer Guide” in your inbox. On Monday, March 25, you will receive an email with a passage and prayer from Isaiah 53. You can then opt-in to continue receiving the daily Isaiah 53 prayer email through Easter Sunday.

I look forward to worshipping Christ with you on Sunday.

– Scott

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