Judgment And The Glory Of The Righteous One – Words Of Grace Blog – October 13, 2023

Judgment And The Glory Of The Righteous One – Words Of Grace Blog – October 13, 2023

The Bible shapes our perspective on life and events. This is true of the chapters in Isaiah about God’s judgment of the nations and the world (Isaiah 13-23) and in light of the terrorist attacks on the nation of Israel.

The judgments pronounced on the nations and the world were due to the pride of exalting self over God (Isaiah 14:13-14), the sin and ruthlessness that resulted from this pride (Isaiah 13:11), and the breaking of the eternal covenant which is the knowledge of God within the human conscience since the creation (Isaiah 24:5Romans 1-2).

Isaiah tells us that everyone, every nation, and the whole world will come under this judgment. No one will escape it. It is graphically described in chapter 24.

But in the middle of Isaiah 24, we read a strange reference to some people singing for joy. From east to west, from the ends of the earth, we hear songs of praise and glory to the Righteous One (vs. 14-16).

In a prophecy of judgment on the whole earth and its inhabitants, how can there be a song? Because through judgment God is revealed as the Righteous One. The righteousness of God is the glory that will be praised for all eternity.

People naturally bristle at the words of judgment throughout the Bible. But Isaiah tells us to “behold” the judgment of the Lord. To behold is to see with spiritual eyes, from the perspective of God. Beholding the judgment of God leads to praising him as the Righteous One. Only the Spirit of God can enable us to spiritually see in a perspective-changing way. Those singing at the time of judgment in Isaiah 24 are the ones who have been given eyes to see and have beheld the glory of the Lord in his judgments.

Romans 1-3 is an argument for the righteousness of the judgment of God on all humanity for the pride and covenant-breaking that Isaiah prophesied about. All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. The wrath of God is revealed against all unrighteousness. Jesus Christ was put forth as the one judged in our place, who bore the wrath of God against our sin on the cross. By faith in him, our sins are forgiven. On that final day of judgment, we will be saved to sin no more, and we will sing for joy at the glory of the Righteous One, Jesus.

We try to make up for our sin or to cover it up when we can’t. But neither will work. God is righteous in his judgment of our sin, and only Christ can save us from his wrath for our sin. Trust him.

Isaiah tells us that God will judge every evil deed. The terrorists who attacked Israel and murdered these innocent people will be judged. The military response to these attacks may or may not bring the terrorists to justice. Some may “get away” with their deeds this side of The Judgement. But judgment will be meted out by God in due time. No terrorist or act of terror will be left unpunished. And when it is, no one will bristle at it. The Lord God will be seen as the Righteous One. It is by judging evil that he is revealed as righteous.

Every evil deed done against you will be judged by God. In this life, many evils are left unpunished. Neither the punishment of evil in this life, or lack of it, determines the judgment to come. You and I can take heart and begin praising God now that all evil deeds done to us and to others will come under the righteous judgment of God.

Judgment is a reality we must deal with. This Sunday we will consider this reality from Isaiah 13-24. Let’s pray this weekend for our time together. Pray for the peace of Israel and the protection of innocent people in this war. Pray for the Lord to make himself known as the Righteous One and that many will turn to him in faith.