Four Prayers to Pray Through the Gospel of John – Words of Grace – August 6, 2021

Four Prayers to Pray Through the Gospel of John – Words of Grace – August 6, 2021

Last Sunday we began the Gospel of John as the next sermon series at Grace Community Church.

In John 1 we were introduced to the Word who is God from all eternity, and who became flesh and lived in time.  The Word was identified as Jesus Christ.

This week we will be introduced to Jesus Christ, who takes away our sins through his death for us on the cross, and who gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit for new life.

All through the Gospel of John we will see and hear Jesus.  What a journey we have ahead of us.

I am asking our congregation to pray along the way through the Gospel of John.  We take up the book of the Bible not only to study, but to personally experience the person whose name is Jesus.  To know, love, and follow Jesus requires a work of God in our lives.  For this we pray.

Here are four prayers to pray through the Gospel of John.

Pray for a clear word from God, spoken directly to our souls, about Jesus.  This is a spiritual experience that results from the Spirit of God taking the Word of God and making it alive to our minds and opening our understanding to the nature of Jesus.  We want to see Jesus.

Pray for people to be ready to hear.  We meet people in John who are not ready to hear, so they miss Jesus who is standing in front of them and speaking to them.   We meet others who are ready to hear, and they respond to him in faith.  We want to be those who hear and believe.

Pray for our congregation to return to our first love.  Jesus has saved us, and his love for us awakens our love for him.  But we can become distracted, discouraged, and distanced from Jesus.  So, let’s ask God to reawaken our hearts.  We want to love Jesus.

Pray for people to be converted to Jesus.  Some among us at Grace Community have yet to be awakened to the grace of God and to faith in Jesus.  Some will come to church and hear of Jesus for the first time.  The gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit lead people to believe and follow Jesus.  We want to see many people converted to Jesus.

This weekend, and this year, let’s pray through John.  See you Sunday.