Your Weekend Prayers – Words of Grace – October 2, 2020

Your Weekend Prayers – Words of Grace – October 2, 2020

I’m looking at the weather report for the weekend… amazing! Pull back the curtains and let the light in. Get outside and breathe. Feel the warmth of the sun. And as you do, pray.

This weekend, let’s all take some time to pray for our congregation.

Pray for Our Time in Romans 8
This Sunday at Grace we will begin a series of messages from Romans 8. God has given us the gift of his word, and this chapter of the Bible drips with grace. Here we read of our deliverance from condemnation due to sin, life in the Spirit for freedom and help, and the steadfast love of God for us in Christ. Pray with me for spiritual renewal, fruitful repentance, freedom from condemning and imprisoning sin, and for conversion to Christ in those who have yet to be saved.

Pray for our Young People
Let’s all offer up prayers for the young people at Grace this weekend. Following Christ is challenging at any age and any time, but these days and at their age it seems to be especially challenging. Pray for parents as they encourage their young people. Pray for Josh Hussung and Savannah Seibold as they lead our youth ministry. Pray for Jason Miller as he leads the children’s ministry. Pray for our young people to be captured by Christ and his vision for their lives.

Pray for the Move into the New Building
We will begin worshipping in our new Worship Hall in November. Pray for the church staff and volunteers as they plan the logistics of the move. Most of all, let’s pray for the excellencies of Christ to be proclaimed and loved in this building. Pray for exalting worship, effective prayer, and exhorting and evangelistic preaching. Pray for people to come to know our great and gracious God!

Pray for our Brothers and Sisters who are Feeling the Stress in These Days
Do you know someone who is sick, physically vulnerable, in financial need, suffering on an emotional and mental level, or burdened in some way? Carry them with you in prayer this weekend. Then, reach out to let them know you care.

Pray for Our Country
Our Sovereign God is always working for his purposes. That is why we always pray. Let every news story you read and hear this weekend be joined with a prayer for God to draw people to himself, purity and strengthen his church, and cause his name to be glorified.

I am already looking forward to singing, praying, and listening to God’s word with you Sunday. I am praying for you today.