Drifting – Words of Grace – July 17, 2020

Drifting – Words of Grace – July 17, 2020

There are two ways we find ourselves far from what we know to be true and good. One way is by making a big, decisive move to another position and place. The other way is to drift there.

Drifting can be the result of many mini-decisions away from where we once were. Most often drifting happens by not making decisions for what we know to be true. The non-decisions have the same effect as a decision; either way we end up away from where we need to be.

During times of disruption it is especially easy to drift. As humans, we need routines. Thoughtful, established practices are good for us because they keep us on a path toward what we know to be right. When those routines and practices get altered for a brief period of time, it’s not too difficult to get right back into them. But, when the disruption lasts weeks and months we can fail to make the small, daily decisions to keep at these routines and practices, and then find ourselves never returning to them. We have then drifted.

In these cases, we drifted into change slowly, through a series of non-decisions, through neglect.

The book of Hebrews is a warning against drifting away from the truth by neglect. Hebrews 2:1 tells us to listen and pay close attention to the truth so we won’t drift away from it. Then we are told not to neglect the great salvation given to us by the Lord (2:3). We are exhorted not to neglect meeting together (10:25), showing hospitality (13:2), and doing good (13:16).

The writer of Hebrews understands human nature. We are inclined to drift away from what is true and good by neglect, therefore we must decide for it.

Brothers and sisters of Grace Community Church, this COVID-19 disruption comes with the temptation to drift. I exhort you to decide.

Decide to read your Bible and pray the truth into your life. Decide to pray for someone and for our congregation. Decide to do something that connects you to others at Grace. Make a call, write a note, send an email. If you can’t attend church, please don’t feel guilty about that, but plan to watch the service online and then send us a note to let us know you did. If you can attend but you have fallen out of the routine, join us Sunday.

Check your spiritual GPS coordinates. Where are you? Have you drifted? Are you drifting? If so, ask the Lord to lead you back to what is true and good by the power of his Spirit and the direction of his word. Instead of simply waiting for this disruption to be over so you can get back to normal, make some decisions in this season to stay close to Christ and his church.

I am praying for you today. Will you pray for me? Let’s pray for our congregation.