Your Weekend Prayers – Words of Grace – June 12, 2020

Your Weekend Prayers – Words of Grace – June 12, 2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, are you pressing on or have you grown weary in well doing? Are you still praying?

We have further to go on this journey. We are not home, yet. There is much to do here for the glory of our King. There are people to love. There is evil to resist. There is still good news to share and good works to accomplish. Keep praying.

Grace Community Church, this weekend, pray. Let’s take our weariness, our selfish hearts, and our unbelief to the Lord and repent. Be still before him and wait on him to find new strength. Take up the commands of God, dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Then, still praying, live.


“God have mercy on us. Send out your light and your truth, and lead multitudes to yourself. Awaken masses to Christ. Grant repentance and faith to many. Let your love heal our land. Revive congregations in cities. May the preaching of the gospel and the ministry of churches result in disciples of Jesus, more love and less hate, more care and less neglect, more good work and less darkness, more respect and less racism, more protection and less abuse, more peace and less strife, more freedom less bondage, more of everything that pleases you and less of everything that dishonors you. Have mercy, Lord.”


“Lord, complete the good work you have started in us. Mature Grace Community Church in faith, love, and hope. Move us to pursue holiness as we live by the truth of your word. Let the word of Christ dwell in us. Grant that the peace of Christ will rule over us. May Christ our Head guide how we relate to each other in his body. Fill us with the Spirit that we may give witness to Christ in our city and world. Build us up each week through the word, worship, fellowship and prayer that we each may be sent out into our world to serve you and people. Bear fruit through our congregation, we pray.”


“Father, give me a listening, responsive, obedient heart. Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things from your word. Let me see Christ my Savior and my God. May I increase in the knowledge of you. May I bear the fruit of the Spirit. May I not grow weary, but endure to the end. Grant me daily grace to put off the old self with its deeds, and to put on the new self that is being renewed in your image. Help me take on the cost of discipleship gladly because you are worth more than anything I could lose for your sake. Help me bring goodness to every place I enter, grace to every person I encounter, and glory to your holy name.”

I am praying for you today.