Your Weekend Prayers – Words of Grace – February 14, 2020

Your Weekend Prayers – Words of Grace – February 14, 2020

On Saturday morning I plan to do two things. First, I will write the final draft of the Sunday sermon from Romans 1:16-17. Will you pray for me? Second, I will pray for Grace Community Church and one other congregation in our city. Will you join me in these weekend prayers?

  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to use the Book of Romans to bring new people to faith and to strengthen the faith of believers (Romans 16:25).


  1. Pray for the Holy Spirit to build the faith of people in our congregation as we prayerfully read the Bible and memorize Ephesians this year (Ephesians 3:14-19).


  1. Pray that the adult discipleship classes, community groups, and small groups at Grace will be opportunities for mutual encouragement in the faith (Romans 1:11-12).


  1. Pray that the children of Grace will continue to mature in their understanding of God and the gospel, leading to faith in Christ and full devotion to him (Romans 10:8-10).


  1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will work in the young people at Grace, that they will walk in the Lordship of Christ (Romans 10:13).


  1. Pray for the unity of our congregation around the gospel of Christ and the glory of God (Romans 11:33-3616:25-27).


  1. Pray that Romans 6 will instruct us in how to live in our bodies by the power of the cross of the resurrection of Christ.


  1. Pray that Romans 8 will give us hope in the love of God, by the Spirit of God, about the future we will share with Christ in glory.


  1. Pray that Romans 12 will guide the way we live in this world.


  1. Pray for the members of Grace who live abroad that they will be built up in faith through our prayers and the message of Romans (Romans 15:30).


I look forward to praying with you Sunday.