Why We Are Asking God for Revival – Words of Grace – January 10, 2020

Why We Are Asking God for Revival – Words of Grace – January 10, 2020

At Grace Community Church, we are in our second week of praying for spiritual renewal and revival from Psalm 119. One reason we love praying from this psalm is because we don’t have to wonder if we are praying the right prayer. The prayer for God to work in our lives and give us life is in the Bible. This prayer has been prayed by God’s people since the psalm was written. We didn’t make it up. It is the right prayer. Let’s pray it… “Revive, us according to your word (Psalm 119:25).”

Now, let’s ask ourselves why we are praying to God for life. Why do we want to be enlivened, strengthened, and lifted up in spirit? The answer seems obvious. Who wants to be dead, weak, or low? But, press further. Do we want God to revive us merely so we will feel better, be more focused, and have more energy to do our work? A cup of coffee can do that.

Psalm 119 tells us that the prayer for revival is prayed so we will live to keep God’s word (vs. 17). We need spiritual life from God so we will be raised from the dust of sorrow over our sinful ways (vs. 25-26). We long to meditate on God’s word, so we pray for understanding (vs. 27). We ask for strength to put away false ways and to run faithfully in God’s way (vs. 29-30). A new, alive heart is for the purpose of knowing, loving, and obeying the word of God.

The Apostle James said that the reason we do not get what we pray for is because we ask wrongly, to indulge our own pleasures and pursue our own purposes (James 4:3). But, think what would happen if we pray for God’s purposes? Will not our heavenly Father revive us for the purpose of glorifying him? Will he not give us the understanding, desire, and energy we need to keep his commandments and walk in his ways? Let’s believe that he will.

This weekend, as you read and pray through Psalm 119, ask the “Why?” question. Spend some time aligning your heart with God’s purposes. Then ask him again to revive us according to his word. We will ask him together on Sunday.