Prayer and The Guiding Principles of Grace Community Church – Words of Grace – October 25, 2019

Prayer and The Guiding Principles of Grace Community Church – Words of Grace – October 25, 2019

Change is constant but the foundations remain. Grace Community Church is experiencing change, and will continue to do so. It is important that we remember the foundations given to us by God so we will continue to honor him in our congregational life together.

The Guiding Principles of Grace are statements of our beliefs and values about church life, and the practices that flow from them. These principles are foundations to build on in each generation. As we come to the close of this sermon series on the Foundations of Grace, let me encourage you to pray that we will be faithful in these eight areas of ministry.

Biblical Truth and the Gospel of God’s Grace in Christ. Pray for faithfulness to the Word and clarity in our message to the world.

The Worship of God and Prayer. Pray that our church will be a house of prayer where God is worshiped above all.

Faith and Discipleship. Pray for more people to respond to the gospel with faith for discipleship.

Evangelism, Missions, and Influence in the World. Pray that we will continue to send and be sent into all the nations for God’s glory.

Membership, Fellowship, and Unity in the Church. Pray that our congregation will grow in commitment, love, and unity.

Service, Stewardship, and Member Participation. Pray that each person at Grace will take on the role of a servant and use what they have to serve each other.

Excellence and Simplicity in Ministry. Pray that we will remain undistracted, focused, and effective in all aspects of our congregation to promote simple and pure devotion to Christ.

Leadership Development. Pray for current and future generations of leaders and servants among us at Grace who will commit themselves to building a healthy congregation for ministry in the world.

I look forward to praying with you Sunday.