Words of Grace- Your Weekend Prayers

Words of Grace- Your Weekend Prayers

This Sunday at Grace we will bring our summer preaching series on prayer to a close. In June, we considered Jesus’ prayer in John 17. In July and August, we have been in the Gospel of Luke. We could talk about prayer from any book of the Bible because the people who know God pray.

The end of a preaching series in no way marks the end of our praying. Here are a few ways you can continue on in prayer this weekend.

Reflect. Think back over the ground we have covered in the Gospels of John and Luke this summer. How has the theology of God and his work through prayer shaped your thinking and praying? Be specific about ways you used to think about God and praying, and how that has changed. Look back through the sermons on the website and listen to those you may have missed or want to hear again.

Pray. Build your prayers on the theology of God. Address him as Father. Acknowledge that you are praying through the work of Jesus the Son. Ask for the work of God’s Spirit in your life and our church. Pray for the kingdom of God to come and the will of God to be done in our city. Pray for people, places, and the persecuted church around the world. These are the theological themes we have considered this summer. Let’s build on them in our praying.  

Share. Mutual discipleship includes sharing with one another what God is teaching us and how we are growing in faith. Tell a friend what you are learning and how you are praying, and then pray with them. 

One great way to reflect, pray, and share with others is by joining us this Sunday evening, August 18, at 6:00, for our Sunday Celebration. We will sing, share prayer testimonies, and pray together.

Somewhere along the way in this preaching series on prayer I began to think less about a prayer emphasis and more about a praying culture as the future of Grace Community Church. As we bring the series to a close, let’s pray this weekend because we are a praying people of faith.