Words of Grace – Praying for the Kingdom of God

Words of Grace – Praying for the Kingdom of God

Why are “momma” and “more” among the first words a child learns? The mother has fed the child. The taste of something good, from a loving mother, stirs the request for more.

King David exhorted himself, and all the faithful who would read his words, to taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8). Be fed by the Lord. Take in his goodness. Receive and live by his word. Be strengthened by his love. Come to see the truth of his ways and walk in them. Then, your heart will be expanded to pray for more.

Is this not what Jesus had in mind when he told us to pray for the kingdom of God to come? The person who is born of God’s Spirit, who by repentance and faith comes under the Lordship of Christ and enters the realm of his rule, longs for more. A Christian has the taste of the goodness of the kingdom already in him. Forgiveness of sin, a clean conscience, the knowledge of God’s love, and the companionship of Jesus are all experiences of the Christian, leaving a sweet taste of grace on the tongue. A Christian walks in the will and ways of God and can testify that they are indeed good.

What could taste better to the soul than the name of God being honored in praise, the rule of God being joyfully embraced, and the will of God being accomplished? Who could prepare a better banquet than the Spirit of God who brings peace and unity among Christ’s people? Is there any greater feasting than that of forgiven sinners around the table of the Lord?

Jesus said to pray, “Your kingdom come.” This is the prayer of those who have first tasted the grace of God and the goodness of his rule in their own heart. Once tasted, the kingdom of God becomes our constant cry for a multitude from every nation, tribe, people and language.

Whether you pray at a specific time of day or as you walk by the way, start with a reminder of the goodness of God’s name, rule, and will. Taste it. Then, pray the prayer of Jesus… “Our Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Pray this prayer for every person and place in your life. Pray it for our congregation. Pray it for our city, our nation and the nations. Pray it for the glory of the King.

When we gather together on Sunday, this will be our prayer.