Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

According to Jesus, the evidence that there is faith on earth is that his people are praying (Luke 18:1-8). Is there faith at Grace Community Church? Yes, if we are praying.

Join me in prayer before we gather on Sunday to prepare our hearts, and again as we gather on Sunday to worship and hear God’s word.

Pray for our Sunday Worship Services and Discipleship Classes, and our Sunday Evening Celebration. Whenever we come together the Holy Spirit is with us. We open God’s word to hear him speak his truth to us. We encourage each other with our love. God works through his Spirit, his word, and his people. Pray for this. People need Jesus. To have Jesus, we need deep heart repentance and faith. Ask God to grant this to us as we gather on Sunday.

Pray for our annual Missions Emphasis. This year we have focused on hospitality, sharing our home, resources, and lives to invite people to meet Jesus and to enter his kingdom. Pray that we will be a hospitable people. Pray for abundant giving to our Grace Missions Offering.

Pray for the new president of the International Mission Board (IMB). The IMB is the main international mission agency that our church partners with and supports. On Thursday, a new president was elected to lead the IMB. Pray for Paul Chitwood as he begins his service. Pray for the IMB to be faithful with its resources for evangelism, church planting, and ministry around the world. And, pray for our Grace members who serve with the IMB.

Pray as you read about the events in our city, state, nation, and world. Most often the news is a place to get information, form opinions, and speak our minds. Let’s include prayer in our news reading. We believe that God is always at work in his own way and in the right time. We are assured that everything happening in this world is under his control. Let’s pray for his glory and for people to turn to him everywhere and in everything.

Pray for people. You know people who need Jesus, who are sick, who have needs, and who need your prayers. Pray for them. Do you have a church directory? Use it as a prayer list.

Let there be faith, and prayer, in our congregation. I look forward to praying with you Sunday.