Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

I’ve talked to many people who have had a similar experience in prayer – a wandering mind and disengaged heart. And, like me, they gave up after a few minutes and went on to other pressing things. But could it be that we have missed fellowship with Christ and a season of effective intercession for others just because we didn’t keep praying, waiting on God to give us the gift of prayer?

In a personal letter to a missionary couple, pastor Jack Miller wrote, “To pray effectively is more than any human being can work up. I am convinced that prayer, effective praying, is a divine gift that comes while praying.(1)”

Some would say that being human means it just takes a while to settle into prayer. I think Jack Miller is referring to something other than just getting settled. He is referring to being engaged by God, when the Holy Spirit brings us to genuine humility before him in praise and prayer. When we put ourselves before the Lord in prayer, he grants us the gift of praying.

I pray that you will receive the gift of prayer this weekend while you are praying. You can’t work it up. But you can wait on the Lord.

This weekend read Ephesians 1. Read slowly over the words of grace in this chapter. Hear how deeply the Father loves us and how graciously he has redeemed us. Turn what you read into praise and prayer.

Pray for…

  • Sunday mornings as we gather for worship.
  • The people attending Grace who are considering Christ and church.
  • Sunday School teachers for all ages.
  • Our new sermon series, The Church and The Glory of God.
  • Our Future Grace Presentation and Dinner.
  • Someone you know who needs to know the grace and love of Christ.
  • The people and needs at your place of work or school.

I look forward to worshiping with you Sunday.


(1) The Heart of a Servant Leader, Jack Miller, P&R Publishing, pg. 21