Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

This weekend some of us will be resting, some will be working, and some are recovering from the flu. Whatever your situation, I hope you will include prayer in your weekend plans.

If you are a morning person, spend an early hour in prayer before you head to the gym or get started with your day. If you are a night owl, give some of the time usually spent reading or watching movies to prayer. If the weather permits, take a walk and pray. If you have plans with a friend, try praying together. If you are in bed sick, call someone to pray for you.

Here are some areas for your weekend prayers:

Pray for our Sunday worship service. In the songs, prayers, reading, and sermon, the message of God’s grace will be proclaimed. Pray that God will work in the minds and hearts of all who attend.

Pray for the needs of our congregation. As people come to your mind who are in a state of need, pray for them. Pray about our sicknesses, financial needs, trials and temptations, and opportunities. Praying for these things is encouraged by Jesus. Read the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6.

Pray for the elders of Grace as we meet next week to continue discussing the new building needs and possibilities. We need good information, sound judgement, faith, vision, and unity. We need the Lord to guide us in our deliberations.

Pray for pastor Misha Stepnov and Light of Hope Church in Minsk, Belarus. This partner congregation has two weeks to find a new location for their Sunday worship service. Pray for God’s provision and for their peace.

Pray for someone from Grace who is living and working in another country. These friends are often lonely and homesick. Ask God to keep them encouraged in their work. After you pray for them, send them an email or text message.

Pray for the Greater Nashville area. The counties of Middle Tennessee are home to 2 million people. Each one needs to know Christ and be connected to his church. Pray for the churches to be healthy and helpful disciple-making congregations. Pray for Christians to be the greatest servants of all.

I look forward to seeing you, and praying with you, Sunday.