Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

Words of Grace – Your Weekend Prayers

In this week’s Words of Grace, let me ask you to pray. You may have some time for an extended prayer time, or you may be busy with work or other events and need to tuck these requests in your mind and pray as you go. You may be alone and pray in solitude, or with a friend who can join you in prayer. Whatever your situation this weekend, join me in asking the Lord for his steadfast love, guidance, care, and wisdom in these things.

The elders of Grace will be together for prayer and discussion about the health and future of our church. Pray that the Lord will show us the way to go and teach us to do his will (Psalm 143:8,10).

Many people in our congregation are struggling and suffering with illness, emotional and mental challenges, and trials having to do with finances, relational conflict, and other things. Pray for them by name, that the Lord will keep their spirits from failing, show them his steadfast love each morning, and lead them by his good Spirit (Psalm 143:7,8,10).

A rally is scheduled for Saturday in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro that has the potential of expressing hatred and racial superiority, creating division in our community, inciting violence, and dishonoring God by denigrating people. Pray that the Lord will bring conviction, repentance, and faith to people so they will not fall under his judgement (Psalm 143:2).

On Sunday, we will consider the words of Jude in the Bible that call us to cling to and carry forward the faith that has been given to us. Pray that the Lord will reveal his face to us and refresh our spirits as we worship together (Psalm 143:7).

This weekend, pray for the leadership of Grace, the people of our congregation, the peace of our community, and the work of the Spirit in our Sunday gathering.

See you Sunday.