Words of Grace – Keeping Our Appointment

Words of Grace – Keeping Our Appointment

When I was learning how to read the Bible someone told me to look for words in a passage that are repeated. Repeated words are a clue to the message being communicated. I have found this hint to be helpful.

As I’ve read through Acts 22 this week, the word appointed stands out. The Apostle Paul is recounting his conversion experience. As he describes his encounter with Jesus, he quotes the Lord’s words to him, “Rise, and go to Damascus, and there you will be told all that is appointed for you.” (verse 10)

Then the Lord called a man named Ananias to speak his word to Paul. Ananias said to Paul, “The God of our fathers appointed you to know his will, to see the Righteous One and to hear a voice from his mouth.” (verse 14)

From the context of Paul’s conversion and the repetition of the word appointed we learn something about the grace of God and the life of faith. God reveals his Son to us, calls us to himself, and appoints us to a new life by grace. Heeding God’s call and keeping our appointment is the life of faith.

Our number of days is an appointment to live for the glory of God.

Our present station in life is an appointment for growing in faith.

Our relationships are appointments for service.

Our trials and temptations are appointments for greater holiness.

God has appointed us to eternal life. That life shapes how we live now.

God has appointed us to bear the name of his Son. As Christians, we are appointed to carry his name to the nations.

It’s helpful to think of our calling to Christ as an appointment to a new kind of living, and keeping this appointment is the life of faith.

I encourage you this weekend to read Paul’s testimony is Acts 22 with a friend or family member. Join me in praying that it would please the Lord to reveal his Son to many this Sunday.