Life at Grace – Winter Discipleship Studies

Life at Grace – Winter Discipleship Studies

Winter adult discipleship studies will be held October 30-January 29. You can view the class descriptions below and register to attend.

Explore the Bible: Joshua, Judges & Ruth (Room 254)
Teachers: Steve McKisic, Chris Turner & Bryan Jacobs
The Explore the Bible series focuses on studying the Bible book by book and applying it to our lives. This class will continue their study through the Old Testament books of Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.

Connections: Promises of God (Room 253)
Teachers: Michael Kelley & Aaron Mitchell
God is a promise-maker, and He is a promise-keeper. Each week of this study will examine a specific promise God makes so that we, as Christians, can walk confidently in this knowledge.

God’s Global Heart, Part 2 (Conference Room)
Teachers: Justin Tucker, David Ray & others
It is easy to forget that the God of the Bible has a heart for all people in all places. God desires for all Christians to have a global heart and mindset. Using resources from Perspectives, we will explore God’s heart for the nations though biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic lenses.

The Sermon on the Mount (Room 253)
Teachers: Justin Tucker, Marshall Albritton, Daniel Patterson, Russell Moore & others
The Sermon on the Mount is one of the most well-known passages in the gospels. People from all walks of life quote portions of it without even realizing they are repeating Jesus’ words. This study will highlight practical ways we can “seek first the kingdom of God” in every aspect of our lives.