Words of Grace – Messaging

Words of Grace – Messaging

“We hear them telling in our own language the mighty works of God.” Acts 2:11

There are times when people repeat back to me what they think I said in a sermon or a conversation. I am often surprised that what they heard is not what I meant to say. I have learned the importance of staying on message and speaking as clearly as possible.

The problem is not always how I speak, but how others hear. I may say what I mean to say, and say it clearly, but people hear some other message for their own reasons. I have also learned the importance of asking people what they are hearing me say.

Messaging is important. Two key questions we should always be asking are, “What am I saying?” and “What are others hearing?”

In Acts 2 we see that the Holy Spirit is very interested in messaging. The Holy Spirit filled the disciples of Jesus with his power, loosed their tongues to speak in the languages of the multi-national crowd around them, and led them to tell of the mighty works of God. The Holy Spirit worked in the minds and mouths of the disciples to keep God’s power and grace their main message, and to speak it clearly.

The Holy Spirit was also active in the people who gathered around the disciples to ensure that they heard the message being spoken. The gift of speaking in tongues given to the disciples was the ability to speak in the languages of the people listening. The purpose of this gift was for hearing of the mighty works of God.

Where the Holy Spirit is active, good messaging takes place. Spirit-filled people tell of the works of God. Spirit-drawn people hear the message and are stirred to ask, “What does this mean?” Telling and hearing of the mighty works of God opens the door for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We all experience communication breakdowns. We know the challenges of good messaging. But the master communicator, who keeps the message clear and ensures that it is heard, is the Holy Spirit.

Here in our city are hundreds of Christian congregations. Each would like to think that the Spirit of Christ is active in us. How would we know? Acts 2 provides one measure for the filling of Spirit. When the Spirit of God is active among us the message of God’s mighty works is coming from us. When the Holy Spirit is active in the lives of people, they are hearing the message of God’s mighty works and are led to move toward him.

We do not passively sit back and wait for God’s Spirit to fill the church and lead people to faith. We pray. We ask God to work through his message and to ensure that it is heard and responded to through our obedience in telling it.

Will you join me this weekend in praying for Spirit-filled messaging among us at Grace Community Church?

– Scott