Words of Grace – Reflecting on Philippians

Words of Grace – Reflecting on Philippians

This Sunday at Grace we will bring our Philippians sermons to a close. Finishing a sermon series on a book of the Bible feels a bit like saying “good-bye” to a friend after a rich conversation over a long meal. We’ll always be friends but we have to make a transition to other aspects of our lives. We will always read Philippians but we will miss the concentrated consideration of its message in the form of sermons that we have enjoyed the past six months.

Before we transition from Philippians to another portion of Scripture for our Sunday sermons, let’s take time this weekend to reflect on its main themes and let them shape our lives. Below is a set of questions that will help you savor the message of this great book. I encourage you to journal your thoughts and prayers in response to these questions. You can also work through these questions with a friend as a form of mutual discipleship.

1. How have you come to see God in Philippians? How has God made himself and his ways known to you? What has God done in Jesus Christ for you? What has God promised to do for you in this life and in the life to come?

2. How have you learned about the gospel of Jesus Christ, how we are made right with God, and how we are to conduct our lives accordingly?

3. What has Philippians shown you about the church and its worship, fellowship, place in the world, and partnership in the advance of the gospel? How has your attitude and involvement in the congregation of Grace been influenced by this message?

4. How have you been encouraged to pray, trust God in anxiety, love and get along with people, support gospel work, and live in light of the return of Christ?

You may have been challenged and changed by Philippians in ways we didn’t discuss in the sermons. How did God speak to you though what he has spoken in Philippians?

Let’s pray together for God’s Spirit to work in our congregation as we gather this Sunday.