Words of Grace – Why Every Sunday Should Be a Reminder of the Gospel

Words of Grace – Why Every Sunday Should Be a Reminder of the Gospel

We humans have a tendency to rely on anything other than God. This tendency may be the most evident aspect of our fallen nature. It is certainly our fundamental sin.

There are many ways to put words to this tendency. We can say that we seek self-salvation, we are performance based, or that we are merely keeping up appearances. But all these descriptors point to the same thing…we are relying on something and someone other that God to set us right with him and to keep us in relationship with him.

Our human tendency to rely on ourselves explains why we are so quick to fall for false teaching about the way of salvation. When we read or hear something that suggests there is a way to become a whole person with a happy sense of rightness with God, we listen up. And when that way appeals to our pride and ability to better ourselves without repentance of sin and faith in Christ alone, we take it. That’s because we are already leaning in the direction of self-trust and this teaching has given us a clear path to follow.

Our tendency toward relying on ourselves to be right with God coupled with a false teaching that shows us how and promises us success is a deadly combination that renders us drunk on self-righteousness and ignorant of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

That’s why every Sunday should be a reminder of the gospel. That’s why we need Philippians 3.

Philippians 3 is a chapter of the Bible that addresses our tendency to put our confidence in ourselves to be right with God. It calls out the false teaching about salvation and warns us to look out for it. It reminds us that the only way to be right with God is to trust in Jesus Christ to make us so. Philippians 3 is the gospel!

This Sunday at Grace we will take up this great passage and begin several weeks of sermons from it. I hope Philippians 3 will become a part of our congregational conversation in the month of April. I also hope we will have opportunities to share it with people who are not yet trusting in Christ to be right with God.

Spend some time this weekend getting familiar with this chapter of the Bible. Pray with me for our gathering this Sunday.

– Scott