Words of Grace – Preparing for Easter Week

Words of Grace – Preparing for Easter Week

Every Sunday churches gather to worship Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead for our life. Every year churches around the world hold special services designed to remember and proclaim the cross and resurrection of Christ. Grace Community Church will once again come together on Good Friday and Easter around the word of God, the Lord’s Supper, songs, and prayers. We will proclaim the gospel in order to renew our love and loyalty to Christ and to extend the free offer of salvation to those among us who will repent and believe him.

This Easter week we will provide a devotional guide designed to help you prepare for Good Friday and Easter. It is based on the great passage about the humility of Christ that the apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 2. The aspects of the life of Christ in this passage are paired with accounts of Christ in the gospel of John. As you read the passages, we hope you come to say with Mary Magdalene, “I have seen the Lord” (John 20:18).

The guide is for you to use in two ways. First, read it privately each day. Let it guide you in your prayers and renew your mind and heart. Second, read it with another person or with a small group of people. Share together your observations and applications from the Bible passages.

Printed copies of the devotional guide will be available this Sunday. The guide will also be posted on the website and sent as daily Words of Grace emails beginning on Monday.

Envision with me the gospel being proclaimed all over Nashville this week, Christians being filled with the joy of salvation, hundreds of people being awakened to the reality of sin and the offer of grace, and this work of God being evident in our city in tangible ways. Pray with me toward this great end.

– Scott