Words of Grace – Humility

Words of Grace – Humility

As Christians we let Jesus set our priorities. He tells us what we should be like and what we should pursue. He does so in the Bible.

When we read the Bible we notice that some of the things we think are so important are just not there. And some of the things we deem irrelevant or impractical for our modern age are on nearly every page.

Humility is one of those things that is central to being a follower of Christ, but which many of us give little attention to.

Philippians 2:1-11 is one of the greatest statements in the Bible about the nature and work of Jesus Christ. It tells us that he was humble. He humbly came to earth as a man, become a servant, and obeyed the will of the Father all the way to the cross. The humble Christ died for our sins to save us from the wrath of God and an eternity in hell.

But what we fail to realize is that the very reason this passage was written is to call for our humility. If you read closely you see that Christ’s humility is given as an example to us, showing us how to live before God and others. Why have we missed this point? Because we like Christ’s humility, we just don’t want to practice it ourselves.

Here’s the good news about humility. When we live humbly before God, we live in fellowship with Christ. Without the nearness of Christ in humility, we should all avoid it as much as possible. But God took notice of the humility of his Son, Jesus, and he takes notice of his humble sons and daughters. To be with Christ and cared for by God is a strong motivation to humble ourselves before him.

This Sunday we will consider humility, Christ’s and ours. This weekend I encourage you to read Philippians 2:1-11. Read this passage as a conversation with Christ.

Before you come to church Sunday, will you pray for someone? When you come to church Sunday, will you look for someone to love?

– Scott