Words of Grace – Grace and Graciousness

Words of Grace – Grace and Graciousness

Now would be a great time for graciousness to flow from the people who have experienced God’s grace.

Someone needs to speak a word that will bring grace to a home, office, and classroom.

Some church member needs to enter the chaotic church gathering and help bring unity of mind and heart with love and the priority of the kingdom of God.

Some Christian leader needs to find the courage to demonstrate humility in the business and political world.

Some pastor, educator, lawyer, doctor, receptionist, construction worker, and cashier needs to consider the needs of others as well as their own.

These are the ways we are called to be gracious in Philippians 2. But before we are called to be gracious, we are reminded of the grace of God.

To be gracious is simply to live, act, and speak out of the awareness of having received grace. Graciousness is the fruit that grows in the soil of God’s grace. As people who have experienced the grace of God in Christ, we express the unity, humility, and consideration for others that is true graciousness.

In a world where everyone is shouting at each other, true graciousness might be the very thing that quietly gets our attention and redirects it to the grace of Christ.

I hope you will join us Sunday as we consider grace and graciousness from Philippians 2.

– Scott