Words of Grace – Steadfastness

Words of Grace – Steadfastness

The recent snowstorm made us aware of the importance of stability. A slip on the ice or a car headed into a ditch means we’re off balance and out of control. That’s frightening.

When it comes to our faith, we often feel unstable as if we’re on ice. What we need is steadfastness.

Steadfastness refers to several qualities coming together into one. Steadfastness is being sure, reliable, established, and enduring. Certainly God’s love is steadfast in all of these ways. Psalm 136 says, “His steadfast love endures forever.” But what about our faith? Are we standing firm?

God is the one who establishes us in the faith, making us steadfast people. Philippians 1:27-30 tells us two ways God is doing this. First, he gives us the record of his faithfulness, power, and love in the Bible. This builds our confidence in him, which in turn gives us greater stability in our faith.

Second, he gives us each other so we can strive side by side for the faith of the gospel. We help each other keep our footing as we walk by faith.

God is building steadfastness into our lives. Steadfastness is what we are pursuing together. That’s what we will talk about this Sunday at Grace.

Before Sunday, I hope you will read Philippians 1:27-30. If possible, read it with someone. Share your observations and applications from this passage. Pray for our Sunday gathering. Ask God to renew us by his Spirit and word. And when you come to church Sunday, look for people who may be new to Grace. Help them find their way.

– Scott