Words of Grace – Finding Joy

Words of Grace – Finding Joy

Some of what we will experience in 2016 will bring us joy—some of it will not. Joy seems so uncertain because our experiences are so unpredictable.

Is there a sure way to find joy? Is there a stable place to attach our joy?

This Sunday at Grace we will consider what Philippians 1 has to say about finding joy in the good news of Jesus Christ. With the apostle Paul as our guide and the Philippian church as our example, we will see how joy comes from growing in the grace of the gospel, participating in the advance of the gospel, and sharing together in a life that reflects the gospel.

How can you prepare for Sunday?

1. Think about all the places you are seeking to find joy and all the ways you are trying to secure it. Ask yourself these questions: Am I seeking joy in things that will produce and last? Is my search for joy based on a foundation that can bear up under the weight of my expectations?

2. Read Philippians 1. Look for the ways joy comes to Paul and to these Christians. Are there ways you need to shift your thinking about joy and how to find it?

3. Pray. Ask the Lord to prepare you and others for our congregational worship gathering. Ask for the power of God’s Spirit to work in us.

4. Enter. Walk into the building Sunday morning seeking joy in Christ and an opportunity to show love to people.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

– Scott