Words of Grace – Awed by Humility

Words of Grace – Awed by Humility

Mountains, oceans, and views into space inspire a deep sense of wonder in us. Grand human achievements in art and science and great acts of heroism grab our attention. In theology, the “omnis” of God’s nature (all knowing, all present, all powerful) elevate our thoughts of him to the highest levels. We were made with the capacity for awe, and we are given plenty of reasons to experience and express it.

Recently, I was awed by humility. I read John 13. The account of Jesus stooping to wash the disciples’ feet stopped me in my tracks. I envisioned the scene in my mind. Jesus laid aside his outer garment, took up a towel and wrapped it around his waist, poured water in a basin, and knelt down in front of twelve men to wash their feet one-by-one. Jesus became the servant. A sense of gratitude came over me knowing that this act of humility was foretelling the cross that would come in just a few hours. There, Jesus would perform the great act of service. He would die to cleanse us of our sin.

When God came near, he did so in Jesus Christ, who stooped to serve twelve men in a foot washing and you and me at the cross.

This Christmas season, let’s remember that the truly awe-inspiring event of history is the coming of Christ. He humbled himself through a human birth, a manger scene, a life of obedience, a bloody cross, and the cleansing of a people he would call his own.

I hope to see you Sunday as we see Jesus stooping to serve.

– Scott