Words of Grace – Prayer in Transition

Words of Grace – Prayer in Transition

Today I am praying about three transitions. I hope you will join me.

First, pray with me about the transition happening at the International Mission Board. The IMB is the agency our church supports and partners with for international evangelism, church planting, and the relief of human suffering. Due to financial realities, the IMB is transitioning some of its personnel into early retirement and restructuring other personnel for greater effectiveness. These kinds of transitions are always difficult. Pray for wisdom, focus, and unity among the IMB leaders and personnel.

Speaking of the IMB, if you would like to contribute to the effort to help the Syrian refugees, you may do so at Baptist Global Response.

Second, pray with me for the new Metro Nashville government transitioning into office in the coming weeks. Nashville has a new mayor (Megan Barry) and a new city council. Pray for wisdom and good governance as our officials deal with the issues of our city. Pray for decisions to be made for the common good. Pray that our city will continue to be a place that respects freedom of conscience and religious practice for individuals, employees, and business owners.

Third, pray for Jeff & Kelly Bourque and Grace Community Church. I hope all of you are aware by now that Jeff has resigned as Director of Worship at Grace. Jeff and his family will be moving to another congregation, and Jeff will be making a career change. Grace will be making ministry plans and decisions for the future. Pray for continued guidance and provision for us all.

Over the next few weeks, I know you will want to express your love and appreciation to Jeff for his leadership among us for the past thirteen years and to Kelly for her love and service to our church.

I look forward to seeing you Sunday.

– Scott