Words of Grace – The Work at Hand

Words of Grace – The Work at Hand

Last Sunday, we saw from 1 Corinthians 15 the great end toward which God is moving the world. It all started with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, will continue with the resurrection of all who are “in Christ” (Christians), and conclude with Christ delivering the kingdom of God to the Father. This he will do after he puts all the enemies of God under his feet. The last enemy to be defeated is death. Christ wins!

We might think that the Apostle Paul would end his letter there on the high note of victory. Instead, he wrote chapter 16. He transitions from Christ’s victory to instructions about an offering, plans for travel, ways to help people, a few greetings, and several exhortations about being strong and showing love. Paul has moved from the grand vision to practical matters, from the future to the work at hand.

There is a lesson in this for us. The life of a Christian and a church is lived with double vision. We see then and now. We cast our vision forward to the great end, which is really a beginning for us. And we look after the work of the Lord while we wait. We put our hand to the plow in anticipation of the sure harvest to come.

This Sunday, we will take up the last chapter of 1 Corinthians and consider the work at hand. But we need not wait until Sunday. Today and tomorrow, read chapter 16, and ask the Lord to give you new energy for your work in the here and now, growing from the certainty of his final victory.

– Scott