Missions at Grace

Missions at Grace

This month we interviewed Megan Stephens about her new role with Young Life. Listen to the podcast.

Tusculum Reading Clinic Training – August 23 & September 13
Last school year we served almost 50 kids in the reading clinic at Tusculum. This ministry is helping kids who are behind on their reading. Come to Room 253 at Grace this Sunday, August 23 (or September 13) at 6:15pm to attend a training to get involved in this ministry. Contact Justin Tucker for more information.

Tusculum School Teams Needed
This year we want to organize teams that will help serve the different grades at Tusculum Elementary School. These teams will help the teachers in practical ways, and we will need a team for each grade level. To be on one of these teams, contact Justin Tucker.

Young Life Ministry Report – August 30
Megan Stephens will be hosting an event at Grace on Sunday, August 30, at 5:00pm in Room 254 to give an overview of her ministry at Young Life.

Get involved with our local and international ministry partners at Serve Nashville or Serve the World.