Words of Grace – The Way We Come to Church Matters

Words of Grace – The Way We Come to Church Matters

The discussion in 1 Corinthians 11-14 is carried along by the phrase, “When you meet together.” These four chapters are about what we call “going to church.”

Paul addresses three different issues in the worship gatherings in Corinth: head coverings, the Lord’s Supper, and the use of spiritual gifts. But the commonality in these issues was the way each person showed up to church. If they were focused on themselves, their worship was confusing and distracting. If they were focused on Christ, the edification of the church, and the clear communication of the gospel, their worship brought glory to God.

These chapters remind us that the way we come to church matters. That doesn’t mean that we must be perfect in order to come to church. Nor does it mean we should stay away from church if we are struggling in our faith. In fact, attending church is exactly what we should do when we are struggling, for there we find Christ, his word, and his people. It does mean that we can each prepare ourselves before we come to church.

Here are some questions you can pray through this weekend as you prepare for church on Sunday.

  • Am I seeking God’s glory as I worship and interact with people?
  • Am I aware that God’s grace in Christ is the reason I can enter into worship?
  • Am I putting the focus on myself or on Christ in the way I worship and relate?
  • Am I confusing or making clear the gospel of grace in the way I worship and relate?
  • Are my relationships with others healthy?
  • Is my attitude toward people who differ from me loving and accepting?
  • Am I serving other people?

These questions are not meant to bind us up before we come to church, but rather to free us from ourselves. So that when we come to church we worship God, build up each other, and communicate the gospel clearly.

– Scott