Words of Grace – A Radical Question for Every Christian

Words of Grace – A Radical Question for Every Christian

What is radical discipleship? Some think if it’s big, out of the ordinary, and dangerous, it’s radical. Some think “radical” is for a few, and the rest of us are just average. Not true on both accounts.

In 1 Corinthians 7, the Apostle Paul gives us a radical way of doing ordinary life as followers of Christ. He tells us that discipleship is making decisions about every aspect of our lives based on devotion to Christ. Whether we are married, single, experiencing the sorrow or joys of life, or doing business, the main question to ask is how we can be undivided in our love and service to Christ. That is radical.

Discipleship is doing everyday things in a radically different way than we would if we did not know Jesus. Discipleship is participating in all of life as if nothing in this life is our ultimate goal. Discipleship is holding everything in this life with an open hand because we cannot hold on to it forever. Discipleship is seeking first the kingdom of God as our current station in life.

Radical discipleship is a new way of living in the ordinariness of life, and it is for every Christian.

How do we live this way? First, by the power of the gospel which changes us from the inside out. New vision, new desires, new aspirations, new loves must grow in our hearts by the growing awareness that in Christ we have all things.

Second, by thinking. It takes a lot of mental engagement and creativity to live fully engaged in the world with undivided devotion to Christ.

This weekend, read 1 Corinthians 7:25-40. Pray with me for radically ordinary Christian discipleship to characterize our life together.

– Scott